stove for baking pastry cookies
stove for baking pastry cookies

Heated Air Circulation Rotary Stove

The hot-blast circulation oven of rotating is a perfect way for baking cookies, bread, and cake. This stove equipment adopts three heatings materials: diesel, natural gas, coal and electricity heating. The users can choose different heating materials as per their demands.

  • Voltage: AC 380V
  • Guarantee: 12 months
  • Packing:  1 machine in 1 wooden case
  • Manufacturing lead time:  10-15working days
  • Domestic transit to sea port:  5 days
  • Shipping time on sea:  Depends on different countries
  • Payment:  Bank T/T,  L/C at sight

Product Description

Main Features:

  • Even color after stoved, which is a normal stove can not do.
  • High-efficient power-saving, excellent performance of keeping warm, reducing the heat loss as possible as it can.
    Super strong steaming supplys steam at any time.
  • Foods colour is visible via stove glass with lights built in, avoding over-baked.
Model PZR-50 PZR-100 PZR-50     PZR-100
Capacity: 50(kg/h) 100(kg/h) 50(kg/h) 100(kg/h)
Baking time: 10~30(min) 10~30(min)
Temperature Range: 20~300(℃) 20~300(℃)
Power: 35(kw) 48(kw) 2.8(kw) 3.0(kw)
Dimensions(CM): 180×154×267 210×184×267 180×154×267 210×184×267
Weight 800(kg) 1100(kg) 800(kg) 1100(kg)
Heating component: Normal electric heating tubes Burners
Gas consumption: 6-7m3/h 8-9m3/h
Diesel consumption: 3L/h 3.5L/h

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